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How are you “managing your time”?

Time Management

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book that briefly addresses “Time Management” in ways that should get you thinking…

“…Moving on, let’s remember that our Time/Task Management discussion thus far assumes that everyone HAS INTEGRITY! What if we flip the script and assume NO ONE has Integrity or, said more softly, if we assume EVERYONE can “improve or increase” their levels of Integrity from wherever they happen to be right now? If we assume that people’s words and actions or actions and goals are “out of Integrity”, then we KNOW more help is needed than simply ushering people into their calendars.

There’s a lot to learn about “Time Management”, and in the Get A Klu Coaches Training, we provide perspectives, strategies, tactics, and resources for what we call “task management”, because the very first of those perspectives is this:  Time manages itself! Secondly, time is “outside of and separate from” ourselves. Adding those together we uncover the foundational understanding that NEITHER Time NOR Ourselves “manage” each other, yet Time manages itself and we always manage ourselves. Finally, it’s in managing ourselves WITH INTEGRITY that we come to MASTER Time.

In birth and in death, Time is OUR Master. Yet IN TIME we are left to “MANAGE” ourselves. To believe we can “manage Time” is as arrogant as it is ignorant. But it allows people to escape the discipline of 100% self-responsibility.

At Get A Klu we call it “Task” management to soften the blow of “self-management” which is what it REALLY is. You can send an email to and request an audio of a one-hour conference call I did on this topic. The audio includes a lot of the very same information I use when training Coaches.

For now, I want you to understand the perspectives on Integrity and Task Management as the active ingredients of Accountability. For everything I said about Accountability and everything it CAN involve, you need to remember the “sugar” for this cheesecake is Permission. Accountability is NOT POSSIBLE in the context of Coaching without the prospect’s or client’s permission, and the clearer we are about confirming we have it, the easier it will be to exercise when it’s time to confront.  And when our clients are out of Integrity, we MUST confront!


Coaching is NOT Athletic Coaching!


Once again, the similarities between these two distinct branches of Coaching can throw us off, especially the label “Coaching” which has long been used in athletics, way before anyone even called themselves a Life or Business “Coach”.

“Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. And they’re made just like anything else, through
hard work. And that’s the price we’ll
have to pay to achieve that goal or any goal.”
Vince Lombardi

Sports or Athletic Coaches do so many of the same things that Life/Business Coaches might do: help athletes set goals, learn skills, exercise those skills, motivate massive action, hold accountable, establish punishment/reward systems, and so forth. However, unlike Sports Coaching, Professional Life or Business Coaching is not competition based. We strengthen the client’s own skills to improve their lives rather than help them “beat” the other team. Here is a list of some of the other key differences.

1) The Athletics Coach is most often an expert in the sport, usually a former successful player, who uses knowledge and experience to guide the actions of individuals (as in figure skating) or teams (as in football).

2) Sports Coaches focus on poorly or improperly executed behaviors more often than determining opportunities for improvement based on strengths and abilities.

3) Athletic Coaching focuses on “beating an opponent” or “winning” which only occurs concurrently with another person “losing”. It’s the win-lose model.

 “The spirit, the will to win, and the will
to excel are the things that endure. These qualities
are so much more important than the events that occur.”

~ Vince Lombardi

 4) Athletic Coaching focuses on “competition” and pursues an “end” that includes a loser…ideally the “other” team. One team always has to lose and, in fact, very few win (1 out of 32 in Pro-Football, for example). Life/Business Coaching focuses on win-win solutions that are empowering beyond the client alone.

5) Can we call Athletic Coaching a “service” and/or coaches “vendors” or business people? Yes, in some cases of specialization that applies, but in general those are supplemental or in addition to the kind of Athletic Coaching that’s the norm.

 “Coaching is a profession of love.
You can’t coach people unless you love them.”

~ Eddie Robinson

There are more similarities than those I have briefly listed here, but this point is best made by focusing on the KEY differences between the different definitions of the word Coach.

COACHES, Throw Away The Script, Here’s Why

Throwing Away PongThrow Away The Enrollment Script.

I first learned how to do a Comp Session in my Coaches Training in 2007…then after conducting dozens of free sessions I began to notice problems that would have to be overcome in order to actually ENROLL people in coaching.  I was taught that I should be able to “enroll anyone in coaching within the space of 45 minutes!”  So, that is what I tried to do.  Sticking to “the script” and what I was taught allowed me to MAYBE enroll one out of every 10 leads but it ALWAYS took longer than the 45 minutes…and sometimes even required a second session because the first was only scheduled for 45 minutes…and that was NEVER enough!!

At first I thought it was because I wasn’t experienced enough to do it properly inside of 45 minutes…but what I’ve come to realize was that the PROSPECT wasn’t experienced enough…that they had not yet GOTTEN ENOUGH of the experience of Coaching in just 45 minutes to feel good about enrolling (paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a three or six month commitment).  Moreover, I have TONS of experience with Sales, Persuasion and People.  In fact, at this risk of sounding arrogant, I am one of the very best Sales People I know.  Using the “Outliers” standard offered by Malcom Gladwell, I’ve certainly logged over 10,000 hours of Sales activity (I started at 8 years old for Pete’s sake!) and therefore can comfortably say that I have MASTERED “Sales.”

So having decided that it wasn’t ME and it wasn’t THE PROSPECT…the only place left to look to increase SALES of Coaching was the PROCESS!  Did YOUR Coaches Training convince you that you SHOULD be able to enroll ANYONE inside of just 30 or 45 minutes?  How well have you been able to execute the “process” you were taught?  I ask this because you might blame YOURSELF when you don’t enroll someone using the process you were taught.  Enough of that might lead you to “give up” on Coaching as your full-time income (since no money is coming in if you don’t enroll) and you might have to get another job to pay the bills…ultimately, you might give up on the idea of Coaching for an income of any kind…and you just might be part of the “story” that precedes Coaching and Coaches:  Does it really work?  Are they really any good?

Well, take it from me or any of my clients:  Coaching really DOES work!  And, NO you haven’t given up which is why you are reading this!

To learn more about or actually experience my Complimentary Coaching Sessions:

Send email to or call me directly at:  619-405-3356!!!

To Your Success!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.

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Coaches, Are You Reading Strategically?

Success leaves Klu’s!  Therefore part of training to be a Life/Business Coach (especially with Get A Klu) is the study/consumption of “strategies” of all kind.  We need to find them, learn them and be ready to share/teach/train clients on the “strategic and tactical information that will get them INTO ACTION where previously they were doing nothing!  Part of STAYING effective as a Coach is to make “strategy” consumption part of your “continuing education” commitments.

In fact, on my way back from a bathroom break after writing the paragraph above…I noticed all the books on the bookshelves in my office that exemplify the paragraph above…so I grabbed some “good ones” real quick and set them on the desk.

And Wa-LAH…we have strategies!  For Spiritual Growth and Loving Relationships we have my favorite book of all time, The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck.  For workflow and time management we have Getting Things Done by David Allen and The One Minute Manager Johnson/Blanchard…I snuck “Who Moved My Cheese” in there also for a little “change management” strategy.  For persuasive writing and marketing you see Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.  For “paradigm shifts” about money there’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.  For Parents of teens or soon to be teens you’ll see Preparing for Adolescence by Dr. James Dodson.  The 29% Solution by Ivan Misner has great strategies for Networking.  You get the idea.

What books are you planning to read in 2012 to expand your expertise?

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