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COACHES, Throw Away The Script, Here’s Why

February 8, 2012

Throwing Away PongThrow Away The Enrollment Script.

I first learned how to do a Comp Session in my Coaches Training in 2007…then after conducting dozens of free sessions I began to notice problems that would have to be overcome in order to actually ENROLL people in coaching.  I was taught that I should be able to “enroll anyone in coaching within the space of 45 minutes!”  So, that is what I tried to do.  Sticking to “the script” and what I was taught allowed me to MAYBE enroll one out of every 10 leads but it ALWAYS took longer than the 45 minutes…and sometimes even required a second session because the first was only scheduled for 45 minutes…and that was NEVER enough!!

At first I thought it was because I wasn’t experienced enough to do it properly inside of 45 minutes…but what I’ve come to realize was that the PROSPECT wasn’t experienced enough…that they had not yet GOTTEN ENOUGH of the experience of Coaching in just 45 minutes to feel good about enrolling (paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a three or six month commitment).  Moreover, I have TONS of experience with Sales, Persuasion and People.  In fact, at this risk of sounding arrogant, I am one of the very best Sales People I know.  Using the “Outliers” standard offered by Malcom Gladwell, I’ve certainly logged over 10,000 hours of Sales activity (I started at 8 years old for Pete’s sake!) and therefore can comfortably say that I have MASTERED “Sales.”

So having decided that it wasn’t ME and it wasn’t THE PROSPECT…the only place left to look to increase SALES of Coaching was the PROCESS!  Did YOUR Coaches Training convince you that you SHOULD be able to enroll ANYONE inside of just 30 or 45 minutes?  How well have you been able to execute the “process” you were taught?  I ask this because you might blame YOURSELF when you don’t enroll someone using the process you were taught.  Enough of that might lead you to “give up” on Coaching as your full-time income (since no money is coming in if you don’t enroll) and you might have to get another job to pay the bills…ultimately, you might give up on the idea of Coaching for an income of any kind…and you just might be part of the “story” that precedes Coaching and Coaches:  Does it really work?  Are they really any good?

Well, take it from me or any of my clients:  Coaching really DOES work!  And, NO you haven’t given up which is why you are reading this!

To learn more about or actually experience my Complimentary Coaching Sessions:

Send email to or call me directly at:  619-405-3356!!!

To Your Success!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.


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